This Story Will Make You Wish You Were A 14 Year Old Girl

It’s a classic entrepreneurial story.

Willow Tufano, started a small business in Florida, selling junk leftover in abandoned homes…victims of the real estate bubble burst.

After working for a few years and saving her money, she purchased a house at auction for $12,000, down from the $100,000 price tag it held at the top of the market. She now rents that house for $700 a month, and is already saving up to purchase another house. There’s a twist to this story though.

Willow Tufano is 14 years old.

Read this article from NPR to get the full story.

Interestingly, the writer Chana Joffe-Walt, sees Willow’s success as a symbol of how “…when a 14-year-old kid can buy a house, the market must have hit bottom”.

But I like to see this as a story of young entrepreneur working hard, being smart, and succeeding.