Letters of Note

I really love this site, Letters of Note, a blog that attempts “…to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos”.

For example this letter from Woody Allen to his muse, Diane Keaton:

Greetings Worm, 

We have enough rehearsal time, but not as much as in L.A. Still, I think Love and Death will be easier than Sleeper as there is not a lot of…falls and spills and water stunts…Our dialogue exchanges should be brisk and lively…but we’ll get into that …so snookums…speak with you soon. 

Also finished 1st draft of 2 New Yorker pieces. Hey! My book—Getting even—is a hit in France. Go figure. You remain a flower—too, too delicate for this harsh world & Dorrie is a flower & your mother is a flower & your father is a vegetable & Randy is a flower in his way & Robin is a cat. And I remain a weed.

Will call. 


Go to the site to read more, from Axl Rose to Ian Fleming.