Groundhogs’ Day

On Wednesday, I wrote about how I transformed from being an underachiever to a motivated successful person.

Most people reading this will think, “I don’t need another motivational speech. What I need is a change of luck.”

I’m here to say that luck had nothing to do with the change in my life. And it needn’t have anything to do with whatever changes you would like to make in yours. Had I waited for luck to come to me, I might be waiting still. My life changed when I got fed up and started planning my success.

You, too, can change your life if you are (a) dissatisfied with the lack of success you’ve had so far; (b) willing to make a big change – and not just a minor adjustment; (c) prepared to start working differently and thinking about yourself as a different kind of person; and (d) willing to start now by preparing yourself to succeed.

The best way I know of to do that right now is to read my book, The Pledge (written under the pen name Michael Masterson), from which this essay was excerpted. You can order it today.

One of my close personal friends and business associates, George Franklin, a business owner, took himself from bankruptcy to millionaire in four short years after following the core principles in The Pledge.

David Kelly, an overworked South Florida doctor, went from working 80 hours a week and squeaking by to having a net worth of seven figures – all while slashing his workweek down to just 15 hours. He credits the techniques I later wrote about in the book.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll find in The Pledge

• Why most people never realize their dreams. Two key factors that get in the way and how to avoid them.

• The crucial step you must take before you set another goal. (If you don’t, you risk achieving the wrong goals and winding up miserable.)

• The connection between your self worth and your ability to make money. And a common, easily avoidable mistake that ruins both.

• Take charge of your time and make more steady progress towards your goals. How to make sure you never let another day get away from you.

• Escape the tyranny of the urgent. How urgent tasks – both important and unimportant – burn you out and ensure that you never make progress.

• Six simple steps you can take right now to become number one in your class, job, or outside interest.