Five Death Poems, Tanka Form

#1: For Rand Sutherland
In our universe
Beaming brightest in the void
He held the center
And kept us by jocund tugs
In some close constellation

#2: For Michael Puma
Child of violence
Father to laughter and ire
Brother to kindness
Friend of intemperate foes
We are bearing you with us

#3: For Joel Nadel
Tempest and Torrent
Nothing could stand in your way
To some abhorrent
Except those lifted by your force
And thus carried by your sway

#4: For Joan Ford
You braved all the storms
You never anchored leeward
When calm seas returned
Your ship was taking water
I came too late to save you

#5: For Frank Ford
Dreamer in Latin and Greek
Teacher, playwright, scholar, geek
Rejoice in what you gave us