Who Thinks Like This? Item #1

Nic sent this email to Giovanna:

My name is NL. Mark taught me to write copy when I joined Agora back in 1993. He was also my mentor for the next 10 years. 

 Nine years ago, he bought my wife, Héloïse, and me dinner in London. 

 As I’m attending this year’s AWAI Bootcamp, I thought it was about time I returned the favour. Katie told me that Mark was not available 18-19 Oct.

 Appreciate he must have a very busy diary. But is there any way you could squeeze in a business/pleasure breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometime that week? Many thanks in advance. 

Somehow Nic’s email was attached to an email I sent Alec. And Alec, my friend of 50+ years (who unfortunately thinks like me) replied:

That was a nice note from Nic. I’m glad I got to read it. In fact, that’s your problem. You have helped so many people that you spend half of your free time accepting their gratitude.

I replied to Alec:

Ha! I actually didn’t notice that I had sent you that attachment. I’ve got to be more careful…

 I just finished writing an essay about how I’ve made all these employees cry… or so they tell me. I forget that I’ve also helped lots of people and maybe made them smile.

Then Alec said:

I caught hundreds of passes when I played football in college and in that league that I played in here in Cleveland. The only passes I remember over a 12-year period are the 6 that I missed.

 Boy, are we fucked up.