Sofia Bassi

Not as well known as many of the Mexican women Surrealists, Sofia Bassi (1913-1998) has an interesting story. She spent five years in prison for the murder of her daughter’s husband, which was, supposedly, actually committed by the daughter. She continued to paint during her incarceration with the help of many important Mexican artists, including Jose Luis Cuevas and Rafael Coronel. She is also known for her collaborative work with the CoBrA artist Asger Jorn.
This painting incorporates the visual “egg” she used frequently to symbolize rebirth and/or fertility. El Hombre Leyenda (Man of legend), 1991, is oil on masonite. The egg of the eye is repeated in the sky.  A closer look reveals two angelic clouds floating there, too. The current value is $15,000.  A similar larger work recently sold for $24,000 and a painting she did with Jorn is valued at $35,000-$40,000.