On Grandparenting

They say that grandparenting is so much better than parenting. I’m sure they are right. But I’ve forgotten what parenting is like. This is what grandparenting is like:

Scene: Nice restaurant, LA, about 15 minutes from P and J’s house.

We sit down (F has a high chair). He lifts up the menu and looks it over as if he can read. The waitress smiles.

Five minutes later he looks up at me: “Daddo! Up!”

I pick him up. “Daddo! Outside!”

I take him outside and run after him as he attempts to get hit by cars in the parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later I take him inside, put him back in his seat, and order my meal. He plays with his toy truck and airplane.

Five minutes later he looks at K and says, “Momo! Up!”

K picks him up. “Momo! Outside!”

She takes him outside.

Fifteen minutes later she returns. The appetizer is on the table. F finishes his in five minutes.

He looks up at me. “Daddo! Up!”

P explains to him that Daddo is eating.

“DADDO!!!! UP!!! DADDO! UP!!!!

I pick him up. “Daddo! Outside!”

We go outside. He has another game that involves pretending to walk into the parking lot but stopping short and then running back to the front door of the restaurant. We do this for 15 minutes.

I take him inside, exhausted but still hungry. Everyone is drinking wine. He sits for three minutes, eating, swallowing some of what enters his mouth. Then he looks at K.

“Momo! Up!”

J explains that Momo is still eating.

“MOMO!! UP!!!! MOMO! UP!!!!”

K picks him up and takes him outside.

This is repeated for the entire time we are there. In our hotel room that night I ask K: “Was this the way it was?”

“When you were present,” she says.

“Ahh,” I reply.