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Word for the Wise

 Brumal (BROO-muh) – wintry. Example from the poem “Atavism” by John Myers O’Hara:

Old longings nomadic leap,

Chafing at custom’s chain;

Again from its brumal sleep

Wakens the ferine strain.

 Note: If you’re a Jack London fan, you’ll recognize this as the epigraph for Call of the Wild.

 Did You Know… ?

In 1950, only 2% of Americans received Social Security or disability payments. Now, there are more than 10 million recipients (about 4% of the population).

Principles of Wealth: #3 of 61

Wealth, by its nature, is not easily acquired because wealth, if understood correctly, is synonymous with “that which is desired but difficult to acquire.”

A nice plug for Rancho Santana (and my art gallery) in the New York Post:

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