America Speaking – a Work in Progress*

 The Car Washer

The car washer loves me

Rag in hand, ready to move

When each wet car emerges

Dripping and happy

To dry the gleaming bodies

The shining reminders of

What he does not have and

Does not deserve

These pampered pet things

Toys from another class

He will not think about it

But he moves like a cat

And like a cat there is

No room in his heart

Nor time in his day

For resentment

Neither for the owners

Or for his pot-bellied, cigar-chomping boss

He has no time for that

And these hulking creatures

Wet and happy as they are

Deserve to be kindly handled

And anyway one day he could

Have one of his own

And for that he is happy

* An earlier version of this series was published in my first poetry collection: Back and Out Again