America Speaking – a Work in Progress*

The Copywriter

The copywriter loves me

Grateful for the great markets he’s been given

The work is hard but when the results are published

And he sees the response rate for Split B

The six-tenths of one percent lift

He is happy for several good reasons

First because he’s become richer by six thousand dollars

And second because he’s proven his point once again

And won’t fail to remind them

If battle victories were as sweet

He might be a soldier

But marketing is love, not war

And his words are silky fish

His sentences shimmering images

His work a pool of restoration

And hope to millions

Without a cudgel to swing

He has metaphors, which, like bubbles,

Swell up prettily and then pop off

Gone until another takes its place

He likes to say he’s a lover, not a fighter

And he tells himself that every day

In the morning, washing his face

In the mirror’s bright reflection

* An earlier version of this series was published in my first poetry collection: Back and  OutAgain