America Speaking – a Work in Progress*

The Real Estate Developer

The real estate developer loves me

Hard hat on a sixty-dollar haircut

Wrinkled specs under a fragrant armpit

Cashmere sweater to warm her

And give power if power is needed

Standing again before the towering

Thing that was born from her faith

And desperation, head back, she is

Quietly amazed

At not just its towering verticality

But also its capacity to

Absorb so much interest

Its potential to yield a profit

Even if it takes longer to sell

Than expected

It was always a labor of love

For someone living in a small house

Who sees her children on weekends

Reads biographies of great women

Women for whom, like Einstein and Napoleon,

Found strength in audacity

That was their secret she carries with her

To work sites and to parties

* An earlier version of this series was published in my first poetry collection: Back and  Out  Again