One Thing & Another

New York City

Notes From My Journal: People Watching

I’m down at the hotel restaurant, having a cappuccino, which is indisputably tastier than black coffee. I’m watching a young man start a conversation with a pretty younger woman seated with a girlfriend at the table next to him. At first, he was aggressive. Obnoxiously so. And she did everything she could to ignore him, including rolling her eyes for her girlfriend. But after a while, her response changed. Now she seems to be enjoying it.

You can’t spend any time at all on the streets of Manhattan without noticing how many attractive women there are. It’s ultimately all about wealth. Cities are where most wealth resides. Everyone is attracted to wealth. Including attractive women. K reminds me that there are also many attractive men in the city. I presume they are the male children of wealthy men and attractive women. Of course this is hardly new. It’s been going on for generations. That’s why attractive people score higher on IQ tests. This is a fact – but a fact that would be illegal to voice in public these days.


Today’s Word: mucilaginous (adjective)

Something that’s mucilaginous (myoo-suh-LAJ-uh-nus) is moist and sticky. As used by Edward Lear in this bit of literary nonsense: “On the whole, as the morbid & mucilaginous monkey said when he climbed up to the top of the Palm-tree and found no fruit there – one can’t depend upon dates.”


Art News

A Diego Rivera painting sold for $9.76 million on May 9that Christie’s, a record for a work of Latin American art at auction.


From My “Work-in-Progress” Basket:

Everything is Water

(after LS)

I’m not arguing. You are right about how good it feels to be

Unburdened, how when you disappear no one can hold you and

How when you become like water they cannot break you.


But why are these truths about you and your gender?

What about us? Aren’t we all made of the same stuff?

Don’t we all rise from and scatter into the same carbon dust?


I too sometimes want invisibility; I too live through my mother’s blood

I too am often frightened; I too must learn to give and take;

And though I have become hard I am also easy to break



Check out this TED Talk!

What I like best about Prosanta Chakrabarty’s short presentation on evolution is his point on human hubris: