Today’s Word: fatuous (adjective) – Fatuous (FACH-oo-us) means foolish or inane, especially in a smug or complacent manner. Example from The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins: “Well-dressed people avoided him as they emerged from Shreve’s; one plump man in a tweed jacket stood in the chill gray air with a fatuous smile on his face.”

Did You Know?: According to The New York Public Library Desk Reference, the practice of naming hurricanes began early in the 20thcentury when an Australian weather forecaster decided to insult politicians he didn’t like by naming highly destructive tropical storms after them.

Worth Quoting: Annie Dillard on What We Can Learn About Survival From Mangrove Trees

The mangrove island wanders on, afloat and adrift. It walks teetering and wanton before the wind. Its fate and direction are random. It may bob across an ocean and catch on another mainland’s shores. It may starve or dry while it is still a sapling. It may topple in a storm, or pitchpole. By the rarest of chances, it may stave into another mangrove island in a crash of clacking roots, and mesh. What it is most likely to do is drift anywhere in the alien ocean, feeding on death and growing, netting a makeshift soil as it goes, shrimp in its toes and terns in its hair. (From Annie Dillard’s essay“Sojourner”)

Check It Out: The Controversy Behind Banksy’s “Self-Destructing” Painting

Talk about raising the ante…

This publicity stunt by Banksy takes Duchamp’s “Fountain” to another level! Dada meets Gustav Metzger’s auto-destructive art!