Today’s Word: deportment (noun) – Deportment (dih-PORT-munt) is the way a person conducts himself, his behavior or manners. As used by the French writer/philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau: “There is a deportment, which suits the figure and talents of each person; it is always lost when we quit to assume that of another.”

Did You Know?: The word biannual is ambiguous. It can mean twice a year or once every two years – and that’s a problem. The solution: Use biannual or semiannual something that occurs twice a year. Use biennial for something that occurs every two years.

Worth Quoting: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


Check It Out

An Unconventional – but Highly Successful – Employment Ad

Last week, Sean MacIntyre, a colleague, posted an ad for an assistant writer and marketer to help us out. He posted it on a client’s job board. They told him it was super-successful. That “in 24 hours it produced more qualified candidates” than they had seen in months.

I looked at his ad. It was good. And it was unusual.

It was unusual in that it provided a detailed and frank accounting of the sort of activities the job would consist of. It made it very clear that this was a demanding, fast-paced job that required both tenacity and intelligence. The description would have turned off anyone on cruise control. But it would appeal to a superstar that wanted the freedom to push his career forward at the fastest possible pace.

Another thing I liked about it was that there were no formal requirements listed, such as type or level of education or experience.

As I said in my September 16  journal entry: “When it comes to hiring members of your creative team, you are not looking for a specific set of skills. You are looking for superstars and potential superstars. And for them, conventional recruiting methods don’t work. Academic credentials mean nothing. Resumes don’t mean squat. Relevant work experience is generally overrated and problematic. What are you looking for? You’re looking for temperament and talent. Someone who is very smart. And naturally contrarian. Also, someone that can play well with others. You’re not looking for good. You’re looking for great.”

Take a look at the ad. I think you’ll see why I believe it’s going to give us at least several very qualified leads – not qualified in terms of education or experience but qualified in the sense of “potential superstar.”