Today’s Word: exoteric (adjective) – Something that’s exoteric (ek-suh-TER-ik) – as opposed to esoteric – is commonplace, simple; suitable for or communicated to the general public. As used by Marcel Duchamp: “The curious thing about the Ready-Made is that I’ve never been able to arrive at a definition or explanation that fully satisfies me. There’s still magic in the idea, so I’d rather keep it that way than try to be exoteric about it.”

Did You Know?: Topolino is the name for Mickey Mouse in Italy.

Worth Quoting: “Only those who dare to fail can achieve greatly.” – Robert Kennedy

What I’m Reading Now: Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life), by Bedros Keuilian

I’ve always disdained the common disdain for “motivational” speakers and writers. The implication is that we don’t need is any more inspiration. We need facts and specific strategies to show us how to succeed. The opposite case could be easily made, though, because the strategies are relatively simple and widely known but the energy and the courage and the tenacity to follow them is always on the verge of disappearing.

Put differently, you need to learn the strategy only once. But the inspiration to pursue the strategy… that you need every single day.

It is with that thought in mind that I can recommend Man Upas a good, fast-reading, and inspirational book about breaking out of the quicksand of laziness and fear and victimhood and moving on, energetically and responsibly.

I was a bit worried by the title that the advice would be in the genre of what I call Bully Coaching – where the protégé is belittled and then bullied to “man up” and follow the coach’s rules. But it’s not. To his credit, Keuilian explains his rules of success (which are of the ilk of being responsible and decisive and honest with yourself) by recounting experiences in his own life when he wasn’t manning up.

Something to Think About: “Love Is Now a Hate Crime”

The white man’s dilemma – hate yourself or be hated.