Today’s Word: tome (noun) – A tome (TOHM) is a large, heavy book. As used by the Indian-American writer/critic Karan Mahajan: “Novelists get to say plenty in their massive tomes; rock singers only get four-minute songs with two verses and a chorus worth of lyrics, and so there’s a real pleasure in accessing the intelligence behind the music, even if it doesn’t qualify as ‘great literature.’”

Did You Know?: Spaghetti was invented in China.

Worth Quoting: “Every day above earth is a good day.” – Ernest Hemingway

What I’m Reading Now: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. This is actually a relatively long history of nearly everything, beautifully (i.e., simply) written. Bryson begins by explaining the origin of the universe and moves on from there. It took him three years to research and write the book, but that seems like no time compared to the accomplishment.

Something to Think About: “This Could Be Worse Than 1929”

By Bill Bonner

This is an essay from Bill Bonner about why “buy and hold” investing might not work. I find his long-term gold/Dow system intriguing and exciting, so I’ve made it a point to keep following it.

I have a system for buying and selling stocks that is still in development. (I’ve told you about in dribs and drabs, but it’s not “official” yet.) It is also about timing, but it is not about selling stocks to avoid crashes.

I like my system. But as I said, I’m also interested in Bill’s. I’m passing this essay along so you can judge for yourself…