Today’s Word: immure (verb) – To immure (ih-MYOOR) is to enclose within walls; to seclude or confine. As used by the 19thcentury Unitarian preacher William Ellery Channing: “He who possesses the divine powers of the soul is a great being, be his place what it may. You may clothe him with rags, may immure him in a dungeon, may chain him to slavish tasks. But he is still great….”

Did You Know?: Scientists say that Saturn’s icy rings are losing so much water that they could disappear… in 300 million years.

Worth Quoting: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

What I’m Reading: The short, simply written and heartfelt essays in Gratitude were written by Oliver Sacks in 2015 when he was dying of cancer – fearing extinction, yet grateful for the life he’d lived and the friends he’d loved. There are four essays: “Mercury,” “My Own Life,” “My Periodic Table,” and “Sabbath.” True and touching, I found them difficult to read at bedtime.

Watch This: When I was in my early teens I worked part-time for a sign painter. Most signs today are done digitally, but back then every town had at least one sign painter that would service all the retail stores, car dealers, and other businesses that needed signage.

I don’t remember the sign painter’s name, but I do remember being amazed at his technical expertise. This video will give you an example of what I mean…