CW’s “7 Years to 7 Figures” Story

I come from a small rural farm town in PA where nobody ever leaves and it’s hard to find people in that social circle that can help provide such valuable insight that allows someone like me to completely change their life situation….

In 2012, I stumbled across Stansberry Research and was intrigued by Porter, started listening to his radio show and heard you on that show talk about building wealth.

This eventually got me to the Wealth Builder’s Club and I signed the pledge in April 2013.

Well this April 2019, 7 years from when I found you through Stansberry and 6 years from when I signed the pledge, my net worth is officially $1,000,000!

And in 2012/2013 when I started on this 7 years to 7 figures journey I was over $200,000 to the negative….

Thanks again, Mark.