8 Other Things That Money Can’t Buy

”Money can’t buy happiness.” A cliché? Sure. But as is usually the case with clichés, it’s true. Problem is, because we hear them so often, the mind filters them out and we ignore them.

This cliché, in particular, deserves our full attention. So instead of ignoring it, let’s expand it… starting with the following list of 8 things – other than happiness – that money can’t buy.

  1. Love. When you attempt to buy love with money, you do not get love. You get someone who cares only about the promise you are making. Try as you might, you will never be able to make them love you for anything else.
  2. Trust. When you attempt to buy trust with money, you attract people that trust nothing but money. The moment your money runs out, or they find another source of it, they will betray you.
  3. Respect. When you attempt to buy respect with money, you attract people who respect your money. They will pretend to respect you – but behind your back, they will mock you.
  4. Self-respect. When you attempt to feel good about yourself by achieving a certain income level, you will be surprised to find that the good feeling you get when you achieve your goal will be gone the next morning.
  5. A reputation for kindness. When you attempt to acquire a reputation for kindness by donating money to good causes, you attract people that value their causes above all else. They will never give you the esteem you think you paid for.
  6. Success. When you attempt to accomplish anything whose value is measured by money, the pleasure you get from it – if you get any at all – will be temporary at best. Others may see value in your success, but you will know, from experience, that they are wrong.
  7. Admiration. When you attempt to win admiration or approval by displaying your wealth, you win only jealousy and resentment disguised in flattering terms.
  8. A meaningful life. When you attempt to give your life purpose by dedicating yourself to the pursuit of money, you will be sorely disappointed. Eventually, perhaps at the end of your life, you will realize that you have wasted your time.