The latest issue of Independent Healing: “Don’t Fall for the Great American Heart Hoax…”

In the October issue, you’ll discover clear evidence that conventional medicine’s two main weapons against heart disease – stents and statins – don’t work.

First, you’ll learn:

* Why heart attack survival rates go up when top cardiologists leave town.

* That heart patients who get stents are more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who don’t.

* Big Pharma’s statistical scam that makes statins look like miracle drugs when they are actually ineffective and even harmful for the vast majority of people who take them.

* That cutting cholesterol does not prevent heart attacks. In fact, 75% of heart attack victims have normal levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

And then you’ll learn what does work: a simple, science-backed plan that prevents and treats American’s number one killer naturally, without drugs or procedures.