“The Persecution and Assassination of Donald J. Trump, Part 5″

In this essay, Bill Bonner’s take on the “deep state” is smarter and more realistic (less conspiratorial) most. It’s a perspective that should be seen by both the right and the left. These 4 paragraphs were the highlight for me:

There are three legs to the Deep State stool. One controls the guns. Another seeks control over the voters. The third controls the money.

 The most powerful and dangerous of the three legs is the one Dwight Eisenhower warned about: the military-industrial complex. It’s gotten much more complex… and much more powerful… since Eisenhower outed it in 1961.

 The second leg is the politically correct, mostly culturally liberal, non-deplorable elite who dominate the universities, the media, and the Health, Education, and Welfare complex.

 Wall Street is the third leg. It is not interested in politics. It is interested in money itself. But it knows that today’s fake money comes from politics, and it does its part, along with the rest of the Deep State, to keep it flowing.