March 30-April 3, 2020


a look back at this week’s essays…

Reading the News Again: How Many Could Die? 

If I’m going to write about the virus, I’m going to have to study it. And that means relying on information I am not qualified to evaluate. Are the data accurate? Is the logic sound? Are there missing pieces?

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Tough Decisions 

With each passing day, I look at the numbers – the CDC numbers, the Dow, and the business sales reports – and I ask, “Will things ever get back to where they were?”

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Protect Yourself From Corona Scams (and All Scams, for That Matter) 

Getting scammed sucks. I’ve probably been scammed dozens of times. I can’t say for sure, because I don’t like to carry grudges. But there is one that I can’t forget…

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quick quiz

1.- How much do you remember about this week’s “Words to the Wise”? Use each of these words in a sentence:

* epidemiology (3/30/20)

* moratorium (4/1/20)

* quarantine (4/3/20)

2.- Fill in the blanks in this week’s quotations:

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is _____.” – H.P. Lovecraft (3/30/20)

* “Quick decisions are _____ decisions.” – Sophocles (4/1/20)

* “A scam is a ____. A fraud is a ­­­­____.” – Emily Thornberry (4/3/20)

3.- Are these statements True or False?

* The seasonal flu kills between 12,000 and 61,000 people a year. (3/30/20)

* Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. will call you to notify you if your license is out of date. (4/1/20)

* Before there were vaccines, doctors used a treatment method called “convalescent plasma” to fight infectious disease. (4/3/20)


recommended links from this week’s blog

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 *  Here’s why you SHOULD be wearing a face mask.

 * More viral humor: “Butt-Cleaning Robot – No More Toilet Paper!”



Your Question: You said in your recent essay on what you’re doing to safeguard your wealth that you are not selling your stocks or bonds. I understand that. My question is: Are you planning on buying stocks or bonds in the near future? Also, what about cash?

My Answer: Good question.
As I said, I’m stockpiling cash now, but I don’t see cash as a long-term value. The inevitable result of the Fed’s uninhibited check-writing campaign will be inflation. So I will certainly be using that cash to buy stocks that will benefit from that inflation, as well as real estate and other tangible assets when the prices are right. I’ll  be writing about that in some detail. Watch for it!

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