5 Skills You Need In Business and Life

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur or CEO, there are 5 skills you need to master:

  1. Hiring superstar employees
  2. Firing mediocre ones
  3. Managing key employees
  4. Recognizing which products to launch and which to kill
  5. Determining which advertising campaigns will work

You need roughly the same skills to succeed in your personal life:

  1. Finding friends and associates who will have a positive effect on you
  2. Distancing yourself from people who will have a negative effect on you
  3. Working consistently to improve the quality of your personal relationships
  4. Recognizing which habits and pastimes enrich you, which are wasteful, and which are self-destructive
  5. Eliminating the self-destructive habits and pastimes and gradually replacing wasteful ones with enriching ones