Automatic Wealth

If you’re worried about getting burned by financial programs that promise you’ll get rich quick—through unlikely stock tips or high-risk trading strategies—and don’t have the patience to invest in a savings plan that takes thirty or forty years to take advantage of the “miracle of compound interest,” then you’ve picked up the right book.

In Automatic Wealth, self-made millionaire Michael Masterson draws upon his own experience and that of experts in the fields of retirement, investing, and real estate to offer you a complete program on achieving financial independence. Organized around six key principles, Automatic Wealth will show you how to develop your wealth- building skills and habits and turn yourself into an “automatic wealth-builder.”

The proven program detailed throughout this book—one which incorporates nothing but strategies that have personally worked for Masterson as well as the people he’s mentored—is broken down into six easy steps:

  • Facing the Facts—Here you’ll discover what wealth means to you and come to a realistic conclusion about what you need to do to put yourself on a path that will allow you to live well and retire comfortably.
  • Plan to Become Wealthy—Offers simple, straightforward advice that will prepare you for your journey.
  • Develop Wealthy Habits—Illustrates how the right mind-set can translate into more money.
  • Radically Increase Your Income—Provides the framework for making the money you want through real estate, investing, and other proven financial vehicles.
  • Get Richer While You Sleep—Reveals the best ways to create a steady stream of income that will automatically flow into your pocket.
  • Retire Early—Explores proven approaches to wealth building that will allow you to retire sooner than you might have expected and still live comfortably throughout your retirement years.

Automatic Wealth follows a well-conceived plan that focuses on building income and equity simultaneously. Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, this unique guide offers specific steps—including how to develop wealth-building habits now and how to develop a three- to fifteen-year plan to reach millionaire status—that will help you live a more fulfilling financial life. Click here to order now.