Dying Goddess

What was he after all?
A wise-cracking bouncer
She was the featured act
The fetching, singing siren
She passed him at the door
And barely looked at him

She was a savage feast
Wild hair, puma black eyes
Cherry mouth, lizard tongue
He loved her tongue and teeth
Wrote bad lines about them
Flesh like fresh apple skin

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Ode to a Drinker

When the spirit leaves Form arises When the spirit leaves Form arises When the spirit leaves Form arises So the master said It should be noted After fame arrived After the drinking After the shouting After the fucking And the sorting After the sweet Numbing Pleasure of Sorting Was No Longer Needed

Coming Back From the Safari

There we are Head to head Mouths open Eyelids shut Bumpity Bumpity In the back seat Of Dorsey’s Land Rover Gabrielle And Miguel And Kathy Sandy too And that guy Who picked and Picked his nose Bumpity bumpity In that rickety car Riding the rutty road From en brousse Back to our little house In old N’djamena (Before the sun rose Pascal woke us, whispering, “Patron! Patron! Les camions sont arrivés! C’est l’heure à partir!” And so I stumbled out of bed, looked back at you and there you were in your bra and panties, legs and belly bare, stretching, as if we would live forever.) In the scented darkness We listened to our comrades Tell their histoires in French …

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Flora Aphrodite

Named for beauty and for love You are ugly and loathed Notorious for eating flies You feed on ants Your spiny-edged leaves Are split like half-truths Tickled by tiny feet They clutch and seize their prey From a bright, unsullied dynasty Whose name itself is Sundew You practice your deceit In shaded swamps and dim-lit bogs Dionaea muscipula The scientists call you But to me you are love’s promise Beautiful, inscrutable, deadly

Your Lesson for This Morning

Study the lifelines of a leaf Measure them against those of your palm Subtract the lovers and friends you have forgotten Add the kindnesses you have given today Divide by the Saturdays you have left Go to the nearest tattoo parlor Have the number inked on to your pinky finger Chop it off and start again

Facts to Be Aware Of

1. At minus ninety Your breath will freeze In midair And fall To the ground Watch where you step 2. Antarctica is the only continent with no owls So make provisions when packing to go there 3. All of Forest Gump’s still photos Picture him with closed eyes Think about why you didn’t notice that Adjust your perspective accordingly 4. There are 2,598,960 possible hands in Texas Hold ‘Em And just as many chances to go wrong in Oklahoma 5. A ten-gallon hat holds three quarts of liquid Three quarts of liquid is more than two quarts of blood 6. In 1941 When Thomas Edison died Henry Ford captured his last breath in a bottle When Henry Ford died His …

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How the World Will Change

First the sharks will descend a thousand feet Gulls and then larks and then blue jays will find shelter in aeries Deer will disappear from the clearings Dogs will howl and crawl and hide The locust will cease their racket And even earthworms will dig for shelter A clear blue sky will become electric and dark And suddenly our ears will be filled with an eerie humming The ocean will recede five thousand feet A wall of black a mile high will appear at the horizon And then everything will be changed forever