The Three Most Important Numbers

I don’t know if there is a formal study of the history of numbers and their importance in culture, but if there is there is no doubt that scholars have found that the three most important (and powerful numbers) are one, two and three. One for unity. Two for duality: (two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, etc.) Three represents everything else Religious leaders and some philosophers and scientists like to search for the One. The one god. The one truth. The one unifying theory of whatever. Naturalists – those who observe nature – have noticed that most things in nature come in twos: two eyes, ears, arms. Two energetic impulses, etc. Mystics – people who can’t figure out what …

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How the World Will Change

First the sharks will descend a thousand feet Gulls and then larks and then blue jays will find shelter in aeries Deer will disappear from the clearings Dogs will howl and crawl and hide The locust will cease their racket And even earthworms will dig for shelter A clear blue sky will become electric and dark And suddenly our ears will be filled with an eerie humming The ocean will recede five thousand feet A wall of black a mile high will appear at the horizon And then everything will be changed forever

The End of Privacy Is Near.

  Communications technology made it inevitable. Human nature – which wants to out the truth – demands it. Charles Bukowsky, Lenny Bruce and Howard Stern prepared us for it. And economics makes it profitable. The public has an insatiable desire to inspect the most intimate details of their fellow creatures. And the media is giving it to them – with the rise of the paparazzi and reality shows, etc. Even when we are outraged by the media’s reach, we cannot stop looking. The Rupert Murdoch fiasco will not stop reporters from using technological tools to invade private lives. The backlash against Murdoch’s papers will only force the media to hide their tactics for a while. Tools that invade privacy are …

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9 Ways to Beat Depression

Count your blessings. Literally. Write them down. Read them aloud. Do NOT complain about your problems. Take a walk, swim or bike ride. Realize what is external and what is internal-write it down and see the reality. Do one thing that is important but not urgent, like play the piano. If tasks overwhelm you, write them down and do one of them. That is important-even if you only spend 15 minutes doing it. Smile 25 times in a mirror Imagine your funeral. Imagine what you want people to be saying about you. Start doing the things you want to be remembered for. Do something kind or beneficial for someone else.