Andre Rieu – “O Holy Night”


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“What to Do When You’re Confused” from

Midway through my career I noticed that the hardest choices I had to make always involved people:

  • Closing down an unprofitable division and laying off hard working employees
  • Firing a highly effective manager whose style of management was contrary to the company culture
  • Firing an ineffective manager that everyone loved
  • Giving up on a protege after trying for months or years to help him/her succeed
  • Negotiating an ongoing dispute between two key employees
  • Dealing with an important client whose expectations are unrealistic
  • Supporting a foundering business populated with potentially superstar employees
  • Negotiating hard with a colleague who’s also a friend
  • Reducing budgets when necessary but that negatively impact people
  • etc.

What I typically do is anguish over these decisions until someone talks sense into me. In this short Business Made Simple video Donald Miller makes that point.



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All I Want to Do Is Make Cookies…a good and funny bit on excessive regulation.


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