“The Equality Conundrum” in The New Yorker

Believing inequality, as this essay makes clear, is a challenge. A challenge that leaves the believer with a perpetual conundrum – what is equal here is not equal there… and what is equal now is not equal then… and what is equal from one perspective in not equal from another.

The essay touches on the philosophical problem but doesn’t offer an answer, because there isn’t one. Once you accept the proposition that equality is a good thing, you are lost.

The fact is that nothing is equal because of relativity. And even if two things could be equal for one moment in time and space, that relationship would change in the next moment.

Nothing is equal and nothing wants to be equal.

The very nature of being human is the instinctive desire for inequality. Some want more. Some want less. Some are willing to do more. Some want to find ways to do less.

We should stop fussing over it. Inequality is not a problem. It is the natural state of nature and the natural desire of the human heart.

You can read the New Yorker essay here.

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“Forget the Fads: This is the Only Diet Tip You Need” in Dr. Eifrig’s Health & Wealth Bulletin

Dr. Eifrig, a friend and colleague, has come to the same conclusion I have: The Mediterranean diet has the most science behind it, and the Keto diet, while good in some respects, is not sustainable and therefore not optimal. Read what he has to say in this article, and make your own decision. LINK

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“US-Iran Tensions: From Political Coup to Hostage Crisis to Drone Strikes” on History.com

This brief review of US-Iran relations over the last 70 years provides a depressing picture of how difficult it is to try to control the activities of other sovereign nations – particularly when you have America’s foreign policy being run by politically appointed people with little to no experience in international business and global politics. LINK

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In a short article on Medium.com titled “I Don’t Believe in Climate Change,” Duncan Riach makes a good point – that it’s a mistake to frame the issue as a black-and-white, true-or-false argument. Climate change is not about “belief.” It’s about science, he reminds us, where propositions are made based on observation and then tested.

You can read the entire article here.

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The latest issue of Independent Healing: “Infinite Immunity”

A Nobel-Prize-winning discovery shows that our bodies have the natural ability to destroy all illness. But modern life is sabotaging our in-born defense against disease. In this issue, you’ll discover how to get it back. LINK

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“Emily Dickinson, Freelancer” in The New Yorker

Emily Dickinson was one of America’s great poets. If you’re familiar with some of her better-known poems, you’ll enjoy this…LINK

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“Burning the Old Year” by Naomi Shihab Nye


Letters swallow themselves in seconds,

Notes friends tied to the doorknob,

transparent scarlet paper,

sizzle like moth wings,

marry the air.


So much of any year is flammable,

lists of vegetables, partial poems.

Orange swirling flame of days,

so little is a stone.


Where there was something and suddenly isn’t,

an absence shouts, celebrates, leaves a space.

I begin again with the smallest numbers.


Quick dance, shuffle of losses and leaves,

only the things I didn’t do

crackle after the blazing dies.

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