An email from JT:

I wanted to follow up and thank you – for your time and your ongoing support. I have always greatly appreciated our relationship and want you to know that your “lobbying” for me – and to me – means a lot…. I hope no matter what state of semi-retirement you end up assuming, we will always stay in touch. Your mentorship and friendship has always been an inspiration for me.


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An email from LA:

I do not have the words to express my gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom, insights, and experiences….  I reflect on every word that you have written – and then, where possible, I try to apply and follow what you say. I find myself becoming a more confident and optimistic person – less plagued by fears, doubts, and negative self-criticism and more determined to succeed.

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An email from TS:


[You] are the best client I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve worked with dozens, possibly hundreds in the last 13 years….I hope we can continue, and hopefully do some bigger things together in the future…. It’s amazing to me that people are not smart enough to treat people well.  I can assure you that the vast majority are not.  

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An email from MN:

 Dear Mark,

 I’m writing today to thank you again for your continuing and far-reaching impact on my life. Your guidance has proven invaluable time and again in more ways than I ever could have imagined….

 Running a business is perhaps old hat to you, but not all of it has come naturally to me…. The principles you laid out in Ready, Fire, Aim [LINKTO BOOK] helped me get started doing things that scared me before I felt ready – which is a good thing because I started two and a half years ago and I still don’t feel ready! And thanks to your advice in Seven Years to Seven Figures, [LINK TO BOOK] I’m looking at launching a totally different product to create another source of income for myself.

Even though I’m not quite at $100 million, or really even in the ballpark yet, there is no question that I am much further along thanks to you…. And for that I will be forever grateful…. But more than anything, I just wanted to say thank you for doing more for me than you probably realized to help me follow slowly but surely in your footsteps. 


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An email from DG:

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done to help me and so many others. Every day I marvel at how my life is changing for the better… and how others’ lives are too….

Although I read a million newsletters and enjoy several… no one teaches
quite like my friend Mark!

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An email from RG:

Hey Mark, about a year ago you gave me some advice on a promo. Well, we just got final DM results back. We did a split mailing, and my 30,000 test won, doing 127% ROI to front end and 290% ROI to backend. That’s probably the best ROI of any DM this year.

Thanks for your help!


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An email from MF:

I’m still ecstatic over your talk and the fact that you came up for the seminar. Many people said your talk was worth the entire price of the event. Wanted you to know that…. I want you to know you touched a lot of people – including ME. And where I come from, THAT is most important. 


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An email from AC

I will always be seeking to learn, improve, and grow. Words are supremely powerful things but still can’t express what you’ve taught me through your writings and personal discussions. You are the gold standard to me!


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An email from TP

“Changing the Channel” IS my Marketing Bible!!! This book has not only helped me excel in my career in marketing, but has also helped me with my personal business ventures. I have personally used many of the ideas and tips contained in the book and I have already seen a difference in both my personal business and my marketing career. Bringing some of these ideas to my meetings at work has positively affected the profitability of my company. This book is a sure way to generate profitability for your business. I urge everyone with a business to read this book.

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An email from NA:

I’ve been reading your [essays] for a good while now. Not all of it applies to me, but I read it all nonetheless.

 I’ve always been confident in my capabilities and those of my fabulous husband,… 18 months ago, we left an uber-cushy expat job in Asia to partner in some new ventures in order to provide a legacy for our three kids, then all under 3.

 It’s tough going… but we’re not going to give up.

Your nuggets of information and inspiration always seem to say just what we need to hear, to suggest a different way of considering things, or riding out the storm.

 So, thank you.

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