An email from NA:

I’ve been reading your [essays] for a good while now. Not all of it applies to me, but I read it all nonetheless.

 I’ve always been confident in my capabilities and those of my fabulous husband,… 18 months ago, we left an uber-cushy expat job in Asia to partner in some new ventures in order to provide a legacy for our three kids, then all under 3.

 It’s tough going… but we’re not going to give up.

Your nuggets of information and inspiration always seem to say just what we need to hear, to suggest a different way of considering things, or riding out the storm.

 So, thank you.

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An email from KP:

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your writings, and as I’ve told you in person, I KNOW (stronger than “believe”) that Ready, Fire, Aim is the best business book there is on small/medium-sized business and marketing – done right….

 I look forward to continuing to enjoy your wonderful insights.



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An email from IJ:

I just love getting your “stuff” in my e-mail…. I read it every time, as 90% of the time it is of relevance and value to me on some level. Having just re-launched a business at the age of 61, I gain great heart and hope from your wisdom and untiring efforts to elevate your fellow entrepreneurs in any way you can. Thanks for your inspiration and advice. It has been a great blueprint for us, and will certainly be the backbone of our new business strategy and action.”


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An email from PW:

“It’s a bold claim… to make someone a millionaire in seven years or less… but Mark Ford (a.k.a. Michael Masterson) shows you exactly how to do it in Seven Years to Seven Figures. 

 “I’ve seen first-hand how he has transformed the financial lives of numerous people, myself included. Seven Years to Seven Figures is partly a diary of these real-life transformations… The book offers detailed case studies of how these ordinary people were able to make such incredible leaps in their financial life….

 “I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t want to wait a lifetime to get wealthy.”



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An email from VA:

I wish I had Automatic Wealth for Grads when I was starting out.

What makes this book special is its brilliant niche: It performs a true service for anyone starting out… or even starting over. We get so little training in economics – if we get any at all. Plus, when we’re young, we tend to think we have all the time in the world, and fail to take the long view. I know I did. This book addresses these educational defects.

In addition to the sound practical advice, [your] philosophy puts a new spin on “win-win.”

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An email from SM:

Thank you for everything Mark.  For telling me that I had potential. For encouraging me to try something I would not have tried otherwise. For the many hours, you spent mentoring me and teaching me the basics… for the opportunity to better my life…

 You taught me many things about writing advertising copy and about business, but in retrospect, I can see that the most important lesson you taught me was a personal one. Do you remember when, after talking about a problem I was having with my old job, you told me, “Stop complaining, no one wants to hear it!”?

 That was hard to take initially, but it forced me to examine that aspect of my personality. It gave me the opportunity to change it. And that has made me a more effective businessperson and a happier soul. So thank you most of all for that!

 PS: I know I’m not the only one that has a story about “when Mark was tough on me.” You’ve told me there are legions. I hope they realize, as I do, how easy it would have been for you to NOT give out that tough love when it was called for.


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An email from JL:

      Mark – I wanted to say thank you:

For answering an email from an obscure “nobody” back in 2004… agreeing to give feedback on his first front-end package…

For the countless times you performed similar “little miracles” with my copy over the years… 

For being there for me and all of my copywriters, time and again, and the HOURS and even days of time and attention you’ve given us all. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude…

For your hospitality at your office, the cigar bar, etc., over the years…

For all the tips and guidance on how to become more productive, happier, etc.

For being there… EVERY time I’ve made a big transition in my career… and your willingness just to listen, and provide your wisdom and guidance….

            It has been my honor to work for and with you over the years.

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An email from BH:

I wanted Mark Ford to know how much I appreciate his books. The ideas and thoughts from his books are so insightful, and so empowering to people who want to improve their lives. What many people forget, I believe, is that his advice – and the potential for that advice to lead to potential prosperity – depends on good execution. One cannot simply read his books and expect to get rich…. Mark provides the key, they/I must actually open the door. 

The main thing I want Mark to know is that he has made a positive difference in my life. I keep Automatic Wealth by my desk and The Pledge often stays in my briefcase. I can open either book up randomly and read something that inspires and motivates me. 


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An email from SR:

Although becoming wealthy in America is not an easy task, the steps outlined in Automatic Wealth give the reader a great place to start. All too often, a book is purchased with the hopes of a “magic formula” that will make the reader rich in a week. Not the case. This book shows how to turn dreams into achievable goals, and expects the reader to take action on the advice being offered.

Following the steps in the book has led to more doors of opportunity opening for me, as well as a new mindset that has allowed me to seize opportunities that I would have never seen had I not changed my way of thinking. I promise this book, if followed correctly, will more than pay for itself.

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An email from LCP:

I have read many books about business and goals, growing as a person, and I honestly believe your perspective is the most life changing approach I have ever read.  In The Pledge, I love how you give such specific steps on how to organize your office, set goals, your filing system, the way to think, etc.  So many times I feel writers talk about the goal of where they want to take you, but give you nothing to work with in the moment, so as a reader, you feel you never make progress, because you don’t know where to start.  

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