Great Leads

Great Leads

“If you are a copywriter intent on improving your skills, don’t read this book … Memorize it.”

This is how Michael Masterson and John Forde begin their groundbreaking book Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message.

But, the title doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes, the book is about how you can ratchet up your copywriting by learning the six distinct types of leads and how to write and use them effectively.


But just as important, the book reveals three strategies few copywriters know or understand that you can start using immediately to:

  • Become a more effective copywriter
  • Write faster with improved results
  • Be more in demand
  • Earn more money

Here are just some of the secrets and strategies you’ll learn in Great Leads

  • How to decide exactly which kind of sales lead will work best with your specific customer. Knowing just this, you can almost always narrow it down to one or two of the six you’ll find in this book. [Chapters 2 and 3]
  • A “super lead” that boosts response for almost any type of promotion. It’s fun to write … and very easy. But, if you use it for the wrong type of promotion, your sale will simply fall flat. [Chapter 9]
  • Why “too much of a good thing” will destroy your sale. Companies like Coca Cola, Apple, and McDonald’s understand the power of this secret … but don’t want their competitors to know. [Chapter 1]
  • How to harness the success and power of the most direct lead. It’s the easiest you can write. And, use it for the right type of prospect, and you’ll build a lasting, six-figure income quickly. [Chapter 4]
  • How the right words will break through your prospect’s apathy, overpower his sales resistance, and ratchet up his excitement … without him even realizing it. [Chapter 8]

These are just a few of the secrets, strategies, and insights you’ll learn in Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message.

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