Just gained 5 pounds? Want to lose it in just 5 Days?

Here’s the simple routine that always works for me…

 I’ll explain the science later. But if you realize that, yes, you have indeed gained weight in the past week or two, try this for five days:


  1. Finish your dinner at least three to four hours before sleep. (You can have dessert if you can’t avoid it. But don’t snack after dinner.)
  2. Don’t eat the next day until at least 12 hours have passed since you finished dinner.


That’s all there is to it.

Actually, there’s one more thing: Weigh yourself before bed and first thing in the morning.

If you have the same experience I do, you will be happy to see that you’ve lost weight while you’ve been sleeping.

When I do this, I invariably lose at least a pound a day. Some days, you might lose even more. Just this week, for example, after eating lots of comfort food while preparing for, living through, and cleaning up after Florida’s recent hurricane, I found myself looking at 211.2 pounds.

I’m happy if my morning weight is 205 or below. Anything over 210 and I feel bad. Seated, my belly protrudes as far as if not beyond my chest.

So this is what happened: I went into gear and followed my three rules. But I extended the 12-hour fast to at least 14 and reduced my carb intake to probably less than 200 calories for the day. The next morning, I weighed 208.6. A loss of 2.6 pounds.

Encouraged, I continued with my strict but simple two-rule routine (including being more selective in my intake) and went to bed at the same weight: 208.6. I woke up 7.5 hours later weighing in at 207.2. A loss of 1.4 pounds.

The next night, I went to bed at 207.6 and woke up the following morning at 206.2. Another loss of 1.4 pounds. My fifth and final day, I went to bed at 206.2 and woke up at 204.9. A loss of 1.3 pounds.

So that was a loss of 6.7 pounds in five days.

Hurray for me!

Of course the weight loss is almost certainly relative to your size. If you weigh considerably more than I did when you start, you’ll probably lose more than 5 pounds in 5 days. If you weigh considerably less, you’ll lose less.

Here’s the math: My loss amounted to about 2.5% of my body weight over 5 days – or 0.5% per day. If you weigh, say 150 pounds, you can expect not the same pound a day but the same percentage loss. That would amount to .75 pounds per day or 3.75 pounds at the end of the 5 days.

As I said above, there is some interesting science behind why this works. Fasting apparently boosts natural HGH levels.This stimulates your metabolism and leads to more efficient fat loss.

In addition, your body begins to burn fat – not food – for energy after about 10 hours of fasting. This means your metabolism won’t just be working harder. Once you start to burn stored fat for fuel, it will be working smarter. The best part? It all happens automatically while you sleep.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try remember: You have to follow both rules: (1) Stop eating at least three (and preferably four) hours before you sleep and (2) Don’t eat again for again for 12 to 14 hours.