Power and Persuasion

Power and Persuasion

It takes a rare combination of openness and resolution, toughness and compassion, cooperation and competition to become successful in life. In Power and Persuasion, Michael Masterson challenges many of today’s popular notions about success. The leadership, personal growth, and management techniques set forth in Power and Persuasion are effective for anyone who is interested in getting on the fast track to success.

According to Masterson, publisher of the Early to Rise www.earlytorise.com daily e-newsletter, truly successful people must be willing to do the hard thinking, make the tough decisions, and get the job done. They must seek the help of the best people available, without shirking their individual responsibility, to create a compelling vision of what can be and then sell that vision to their employees, their investors, and their customers. Knowing how persuade others that your ideas are worthy is the single most effective way to achieve power. And putting lots of power behind your best ideas, Masterson says, is the fastest and surest way to succeed in life.

The good news is that persuasion, like so many other important skills (communication, negotiation, and analytical thinking), can be learned. In Power and Persuasion, you’ll discover how to develop great ideas and convince other people to value them.

Based on his own experience as a successful businessman and his observations of other, Power and Persuasion will help you identify the essential qualities needed to be successful in your business, social, and personal life. This powerful guide will also show you how to become a more influential person through example and by practicing the most effective techniques of persuasion.

Power and Persuasion breaks new ground in decoding what it takes to be successful by providing examples of leaders who…

-Don’t manipulate better performances out of people

-Don’t become therapists for their employees

-Understand proper teamwork

-Listen as well as talkDon’t try to control everything

-Create a culture of accountability

-Attach deadlines to their goals

-Know when NOT to be competitive

-Understand how to follow

-Do NOT “Look out for Number One”

Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, Power and Persuasion introduces a new way of understanding success along with powerful and proven techniques for accomplishing everything you want to in life. Click to order.