Seven Years to Seven Figures

“Most popular books on money stress frugality and long-term savings,” observes Michael Masterson, bestselling author of Automatic Wealth and Power and Persuasion. “But most people don’t like to scrimp. And almost nobody is willing to wait forty years for compound interest to work its wonders.”

And that’s exactly why Masterson created Seven Years to Seven Figures: The Fast-Track Plan to Becoming a Millionaire. It’s the perfect book on getting rich for baby boomers who can’t wait long and younger people who just don’t want to.

Why seven years? Admittedly, when Masterson began working on the concept of accelerated wealth, he thought it might be unrealistic. But when he looked at how long it actually took him to make each of the million-dollar fortunes he’s earned, he realized that none of them took longer than seven years. And the same turned out to be true for many other millionaires he knew.

In Seven Years to Seven Figures, this self-made millionaire and renowned wealth coach reveals the steps everyone can take to accumulate seven-figure wealth within seven years—or less. In it you’ll find real-life stories of men and women who built (and even exceeded) a seven-figure net worth within this time frame. Masterson describes their paths to success and explains, step by step, how you can mirror their wealth-building techniques, including:

  • How to cut your learning curve in half by finding a great mentor
  • How to safely transition from your current job to a six-figure-plus career
  • How to become invaluable to your company and turn your new role into equity
  • How to find the superstars who will help maximize your business’s profitability
  • How to attract customers to your business . . . and keep them coming back for more
  • How to create multiple streams of income to double, even triple your net worth
  • How to drastically accelerate your returns by investing in real estate
  • How to add at least twenty new powerplayer contacts to your Rolodex . . . this year

If you’re willing to get up earlier, work harder, and start a business, Seven Years to Seven Figures will give you the tools to increase your income, get the highest possible returns, save wisely—and secure your financial future faster than you may have dreamed.

Remember, some of the people profiled in this book built up a seven-figure net worth after leaving low paying jobs, after struggling with credit card debt, even after filing for bankruptcy. If they can go from zero to millions in seven years or less, you can too.

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