Speak Young, Be Young-ish

Feeling old? Want to appear to be younger without exercise, surgery, or drugs? Try sprinkling these super-trendy terms from dictionary.com into your conversations.


  1. Fleek: I think it means something like “cool” or “groovy.”
  2. Bae: What “beau” once stood for.
  3. Hashtag: Not the use of the symbol, but saying the word out loud.
  4. Can’t even: When something is too idiotic or insane for words, you say “Can’t even.” Just that.
  5. Squad: A synonym for “group of friends or associates.”
  6. Ghosting: Ending a relationship by suddenly and mysteriously ceasing to reply to emails/texts.
  7. Breadcrumbing: Leading someone on by flirting via email/texting, but never actually making a date.


Caveat: As with all trends, these words may not be hot much longer. For example, I’ve heard that, instead of “bae” (no. 2), it’s classier to say OTP for “one true pairing.” Saying “hashtag” (no. 3) is no longer fleek. (Neither, for that matter, is adding lots of hashtags at the end of your posts.) “Can’t even” (no. 4) is on the verge of being passé. And “squad” (no. 5) has become so common it’s almost lame.