Examples of Successful USPs

* Anacin’s slogan – “Fast, incredibly fast relief” – was created by Rosser Reeves and his team after learning that the caffeine in Anacin did indeed bring faster relief (to some) than other pain relievers on the market.

 * Head & Shoulders– “Clinically proven to reduce dandruff.” This USP, too, was based on research. Ten years of study had confirmed that an ingredient in Head & Shoulders (pyrithione zinc) effectively reduced dandruff.

 * Domino’s created a USP around a common problem with pizza delivery – the time it sometimes took. Their USP was a guarantee: You get your pizza, hot and fresh, within 30 minutes after you order it or you get your money back.

* FedEx did a similar thing with this USP: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

 * Walmart’s USP was very simple: “Save money, live better.” And it worked. Did it ever work!

 * Apple took a daring approach with its slogan for its line of desktop computers: “Beauty outside, Beast inside.” You would think that a practical USP – something about functionality – would be the way to go. But Steve Jobs felt differently and went with aesthetics. As a result, millions of consumers paid a premium price for Apple’s sleek desktop computers, even though they could have bought others that were equally good technically but cheaper.