This Story Will Make You Wish You Were A 14 Year Old Girl

It’s a classic entrepreneurial story. Willow Tufano, started a small business in Florida, selling junk leftover in abandoned homes…victims of the real estate bubble burst. After working for a few years and saving her money, she purchased a house at auction for $12,000, down from the $100,000 price tag it held at the top of the market. She now rents that house for $700 a month, and is already saving up to purchase another house. There’s a twist to this story though. Willow Tufano is 14 years old. Read this article from NPR to get the full story. Interestingly, the writer Chana Joffe-Walt, sees Willow’s success as a symbol of how “…when a 14-year-old kid can buy a house, the …

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Balancing Act

Last week I gave you my formula for making a ton of money without compromising your values. But that doesn’t mean everything will be smooth and easy. You will still have lots of trouble giving time to your other priorities — to your health, to your family and friends, and to your hobbies.

My business life got much better in 1993 when I started to focus on long-term profitability and quality. But I wasn’t able to master my time and get all my other personal goals accomplished until I started writing about personal achievement. That forced me to rethink everything I was doing. And after several years of trying different time-management programs, I finally arrived at a system that allowed me to get everything done that I had neglected for the previous 30 years.

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The Unexpected Side Effects of Making Money (and How to Avoid Them)

My life changed dramatically and immediately when, in 1982, I decided to make “getting rich” my number one goal.

Within a few weeks of that decision, I convinced my boss to raise my compensation from $35,000 to $75,000. A year later, I was a bona-fide millionaire.

My status changed too — from just another good employee to a junior partner and employer of hundreds. This made me more confident. And that confidence had a noticeable effect on everyone I dealt with. They took my opinions more seriously. They gave me more respect. Most memorably, my lifestyle changed. Instead of eking out a modest living, paycheck to paycheck, I was able to buy a car without asking how much it cost.

But making this change happen had two negative consequences:

1. I gave up thousands of hours of good times with friends and family.

2. I did a few things I wish I hadn’t.

When I set that goal, I knew there were more important things in life than money. But I suspected that I would be more likely to achieve it if I made it my number one priority. That turned out to be terribly true. There is enormous power that comes from saying “I will put this goal above all others.” It is impossible to understand that power until you have experienced it.

Most people won’t even dare to try. And maybe that is because most people have more sense than I had back then.

I didn’t recognize how monomaniacal I would become. I didn’t anticipate how willing I would be to put my family second. Most of all, I didn’t realize that I would be making some ethical concessions along the way. When my partner and I were accused of misleading advertising, I was actually shocked. All of our copy had been run by lawyers. It was accurate to the letter of the law. How could they call it misleading?

Because some of it was.

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Joe Kittinger

A little over 50 years ago, Joe Kittinger jumped from a giant helium balloon at 110 degree below zero  temperatures to plummet to Earth at a speed of 714 mph and became the first human to break the sound barrier without the aid of a machine. It was literally a “giant” leap for mankind, as Joe threw himself from 102,800 feet above the Earths surface at the horizon of our planet and space. The U.S. Space program used Joe’s test jump as the building block for their future manned space explorations In 2003 Forbes Global interviewed Joe about this courageous feat. It’s still a great read. Check it out here.  

Vocab Quiz

Do you know what these words mean? panjandrum? mammonism? mondegreen? No, they’re not gibberish. These are all words from the English language and are in fact Dictionary.com “Words of the Day”.  Publishers Weekly drew up a funny and informative quiz to test your knowledge. Test your mental strength here.

Dying Goddess

What was he after all?
A wise-cracking bouncer
She was the featured act
The fetching, singing siren
She passed him at the door
And barely looked at him

She was a savage feast
Wild hair, puma black eyes
Cherry mouth, lizard tongue
He loved her tongue and teeth
Wrote bad lines about them
Flesh like fresh apple skin

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How to Enjoy the Writer’s Life — Even If You Can’t Write Like a Professional

The most productive and, next to JK Rowling, richest writer in the world is James Patterson.

If you don’t recognize the name, he is the author of Don’t Blink and The Postcard Killers, as well as 48 other books that have been bestsellers in the past 10 years.

By almost any measure, Patterson is a hugely successful writer. But he doesn’t have the attributes that one would typically expect: a brilliant mind, a passion for his work, etc.

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