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Maximum Tolerance

October 9, 2012 in Briefs

Is there such a thing as a maximum tolerance for taxation?
A rate above which people would stop working?
Logic suggests there is. If, say, the income tax were set at 100%, very few people would work. These would be the people who loved their work so much that they’d do it for nothing. Same goes for a tax rate of 99% or 98%. But what’s the upper limit? How high would it have to get before it would keep most people from being willing to work?
I wouldn’t mind if Obama raised my tax rate to 42% or even 45%. Once the rate hit 50%, though, it would start to rankle me. If it went up to 60%, I might stop working. And the many people I have talked to about this all seem to have that same 50% to 60% limit.

This Monday, Canada will celebrate it’s own version of Thanksgiving.

There are no stories about the Mayflower or the peaceful coming together of English settlers and Native Americans, but they do have large family dinners and turkey.

In this video Tom Brokaw (not Peter Jennings) explains the many similarities that our two countries and peoples share.

Watch the segment here.

Originally published in the October 2011 issue of “The Palm Beach Letter

I consider myself to be an expert of sorts on retirement. Not because I’ve studied the subject, but because I’ve retired three times.

Yes, I’m a three-time failure at retiring. But I’ve learned from my mistakes. Today, I’d like to tell you about the worst mistake retirees make.

It’s a very common mistake. Yet, I’ve never heard it mentioned by retirement experts. Nor have I read a word about it in retirement books. The biggest mistake retired people make is giving up all their active income.

When I say active income, I mean the money you make through your labor or through a business you own. Passive income refers to the income you get from social security, a pension, or from a retirement account. You can increase your active income by working more. But the only way you can increase your passive income is by getting higher rates of return on your investment (ROI).

When you give up your active income, two bad things happen:

First, your connection to your active income is cut off. With every month that passes, it becomes more difficult to get it back.

Second, your ability to make smart investment decisions drops because of your dependence on passive income.

Retirement is a wonderful idea: put a portion of your income into an investment account for forty years, and then withdraw from it for the rest of your life. Once you retire, you won’t have to work anymore. Instead, you will fill your days with fun activities: traveling, golfing, going to the movies, and visiting the kids and grandkids.

It’s a great idea. But it never actually worked. Click to continue… How the “Big White Lie” of Investing Almost Cost Me My Retirement

Beta Males

October 3, 2012 in Briefs

Not surprising: Beta males live longer.

Scientists have long known that alpha males are dominant in the social order of baboons and other primates. They rule the beta males and have their pick of the females.

But a new study at Princeton shows that beta males enjoy plenty of sex … and live longer. The obvious implication: The lives of alpha males are cut short due to the constant stress of defending their position.

Love, Sweet Love

October 1, 2012 in Humor

From the Desk of Bob Mankoff:

More Love here.

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