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Ball’s Pyramid

May 2, 2012 in Good Reads

For you science buffs, read this article at NPR about a giant species of stick bug, previously thought to be extinct, that survived on a lonely outcropping of volcanic rock off the coast of Australia.

Amazing story.

Entrepreneurs are interested in future trends for pragmatic reasons. They want to profit from them. The entrepreneur may plan his business around a trend that he expects to develop but he does so tentatively, for he cares more about the health of his business than the accuracy of his prediction.

If, as his business is progressing, he encounters some evidence that suggests the prediction upon which his plan is based is wrong, his immediate reaction is fear – fear for the health of his business. He does not feel personally challenged. He does not feel compelled to refute that evidence.

In other words, the wise entrepreneur analyzes and sometimes acts on future trends but he never weds himself to them.

Ideologues, on the other hand, do just the opposite.

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You and Me Now

April 27, 2012 in Poems

(for A.S.)

We are older now
We carry more weight
Your hip is worn out
My thumbs are broken

But we keep moving
Through these high snow banks
That coat warm? you ask
Watch the ice, I say

Forty-one years ago
Our friendship started
A wayward glance, a scuffle
The long forgiveness
Which continues now

The red and the green
The beer and paddles
The conversations
And always the girls

Link to golden link
Poems and parties
Old friends and new ones
Wives, children, time

And yet here we are
On the downward slope
In this bright snowfall
Walking carefully

Patches on a shirt
That hung for years and
Now is worn again
In this sparkling winter

Extreme Shepherding

April 26, 2012 in Humor


Giving Thanks

April 25, 2012 in Essays

I woke up this morning in pain again. I injured my shoulder wrestling a few weeks ago, and it doesn’t seem to be healing. Certainly not as fast as it would have healed when I was in my 30s.

This is one of the many execrable things that happen to you when you reach 60. But it’s hardly the worst. The worst is that you can’t avoid thinking about death. People you know — colleagues, friends, and family members — are seriously sick or dying.

Right now, I see death as a hateful thief — ready to rob me of the time I need to accomplish the goals I have yet to accomplish.

There is so much still to do: books to write, movies to make, business to conduct, and places to see. But most of all there are relationships I owe time to.

A reader recently wrote asking me why, when discussing how I spend my day, I don’t talk about the time I spend with my family and friends. The main reason is that I don’t feel I should be dragging them into public view without their permission. But another reason is that I write mostly about what I’ve learned… and I haven’t learned how to do a very good job of spending time with them.

When I think about making good use of the time I have left, it’s clear to me that working on my personal relationships should be my top priority.

So why don’t I do that now?

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