Why I Refused to Vote for Barack Obama

I am posting this piece for my wife and liberal friends who cannot believe that I did not vote for Obama. I voted for him last time because I was outraged by the terrible and unnecessary destruction the world suffered from Bush’s war and by Bush’s amazing assault on individual liberty. I believed that Obama would work to reset our country’s agenda toward peace and liberty. But he did very little in that direction. In fact, as this essay argues, he was in some ways worse than Bush in those regards.
Liberals are supposed to care about liberty and peace. They can’t understand why I won’t vote for Obama. I can’t understand why they would.
Here is an excerpt:

I find Obama likable when I see him on TV. He is a caring husband and father, a thoughtful speaker, and possessed of an inspirational biography. On stage, as he smiles into the camera, using words to evoke some of the best sentiments within us, it’s hard to believe certain facts about him:

  • Obama terrorizes innocent Pakistanis on an almost daily basis. The drone war he is waging in North Waziristan isn’t “precise” or “surgical” as he would have Americans believe. It kills hundreds of innocents, including children. And for thousands of more innocents who live in the targeted communities, the drone war makes their lives into a nightmare worthy of dystopian novels. People are always afraid. Women cower in their homes. Children are kept out of school. The stress they endure gives them psychiatric disorders. Men are driven crazy by an inability to sleep as drones buzz overhead 24 hours a day, a deadly strike possible at any moment. At worst, this policy creates more terrorists than it kills; at best, America is ruining the lives of thousands of innocent people and killing hundreds of innocents for a small increase in safety from terrorists. It is a cowardly, immoral, and illegal policy, deliberately cloaked in opportunistic secrecy. And Democrats who believe that it is the most moral of all responsible policy alternatives are as misinformed and blinded by partisanship as any conservative ideologue. 
  • Obama established one of the most reckless precedents imaginable: that any president can secretly order and oversee the extrajudicial killing of American citizens. Obama’s kill list transgresses against the Constitution as egregiously as anything George W. Bush ever did. It is as radical an invocation of executive power as anything Dick Cheney championed. The fact that the Democrats rebelled against those men before enthusiastically supporting Obama is hackery every bit as blatant and shameful as anything any talk radio host has done. 
  • Contrary to his own previously stated understanding of what the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution demand, President Obama committed U.S. forces to war in Libya without Congressional approval, despite the lack of anything like an imminent threat to national security.
You can read the rest of the article here.
You can also read a follow up to this article by the same author, “Why I Refuse to Vote for Mitt Romney”.
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Maximum Tolerance

Is there such a thing as a maximum tolerance for taxation?
A rate above which people would stop working?
Logic suggests there is. If, say, the income tax were set at 100%, very few people would work. These would be the people who loved their work so much that they’d do it for nothing. Same goes for a tax rate of 99% or 98%. But what’s the upper limit? How high would it have to get before it would keep most people from being willing to work?
I wouldn’t mind if Obama raised my tax rate to 42% or even 45%. Once the rate hit 50%, though, it would start to rankle me. If it went up to 60%, I might stop working. And the many people I have talked to about this all seem to have that same 50% to 60% limit.
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