Big Ideas and Useful Emotions

A “big idea” in marketing will drive the prospect toward a foregone conclusion by stimulating a useful emotion. By useful, I mean useful to the marketer.
A useful emotion is one that makes the prospect want the product.
Many copywriters miss this point.
They feel that evoking any strong emotion in the lead is their job. But if that emotion is not conducive to selling the product, they’ve made their job more difficult.

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Seeking Comfort

There are basically two sorts of people: those who find pleasure in comfort and those who find pleasure in disturbing comfortable notions. You cannot choose which kind of person you are. It is an essential component of individual temperament.

I am a comfort-destroyer. And yet I have many friends who are comfort-seekers. But this is common. Relationships are often complementary.

Ironically, comfort-destroyers eventually make life more comfortable for comfort-seekers because they lead them to products and practices that make life easier.

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