Common Sense

There is a widespread idea about liberals – held by liberals – that they are smarter than conservatives. Studies show that this is not the case. People who identify themselves as liberals tend to have more schooling and they may, as a result, have some higher academic skills. But there is no evidence that they think more accurately or effectively than conservatives.

One of the most obvious examples of poor thinking among liberals is in the area of macroeconomics. Liberals want bigger government and more debt because they believe that a small group of people who think as they do can regulate something as complex and organic as the economy.

Common sense tells you that debt is bad. And common experience tells you that it is nearly impossible to regulate a single household of six people, let alone a nation of 300 million.

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Is Libertarianism Back?

Recently I read this article  about the rise of Libertarianism.

If I had to choose a political party I would classify myself as a libertarian. Most of the people I know are not true libertarians, though. They are closest fascists or communists. A true libertarian would be in favor of all of the following:

  • Restricting military action to real self-defense: i.e. armed citizens fighting invaders within the borders of the USA
  • Reducing government regulation except those that protect personal liberty and private property
  • Elimination of all laws banning drugs.
  • Elimination of all laws banning smoking except within private premises that choose to ban smoking.
  • Elimination of any government tax or expenditure that is designed to redistribute wealth
  • Elimination of any ban on abortion
  • Elimination of any law that restricts a person’s right to take his own life
  • Elimination of any law that makes it illegal to take prescription drugs

The list could be extended, but as it is it, 80% of those who call themselves Libertarian would discover that they are not. What they are — and they should know this — are people who want the government to give them the liberty (and often the funding) to do what they want to do and to restrict the liberties (and the funding) of other citizens who want to do things they can’t.

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