“Seattle Is Dying”.- When I was in my 20s, New York City was a shit hole. Except for a few uptown neighborhoods, you couldn’t walk for 10 minutes without stepping over a bum or being accosted by someone demanding money. Alleys smelled like urine. Eventually, the voters got tired of it and elected a mayor that hired a team of people that got tough on misdemeanors. Lots of tenderhearted people objected. You can’t arrest people for being crazy or homeless, they argued. Live and let be. Tough love was administered and the city gradually pulled itself out of its trough. Nowadays, NYC has one of the lowest crime rates per capita of any big city in the USA.

San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. About 15 years ago, things started to change. The last time I went there was about 5 years ago. It was such a dangerous place, I vowed I’d never go back again.

Next to San Francisco, Seattle is the city with the highest crime rate per capita, the filthiest streets, and the most homeless. And like San Francisco, Seattle’s policy of compassion towards the homeless is the principal cause. LINK