If you or someone you know is a fledgling copywriter (or wants to be), here are some facts to think about:

* The industry is huge – $2.3 trillion by some estimates. That’s almost twice as much as the finance industry.

* Job growth for copywriters is on the rise, running neck-and-neck with massive industries like customer service.

* Almost 94% of business owners plan to increase or maintain their budgets for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) this year. And 81% will be outsourcing – a great opportunity for freelance SEO writers.

* With almost 3 billion active users, social media writing has become the heart of almost every business plan. And according to research company eMarketer, we’re less than a year away from the moment when the marketing budget for social media alone will exceed current spending levels on TV.

* Companies that are looking for web copywriters are looking to spend $335 billion this year on content, video scripts, and copy.

* The 5.7 million B2B companies in the US are increasing their budgets for marketing. In 2018, they spent $4.6 billion, a jump from $4.07 billion in 2017 – and a major chunk goes to copywriters.