An email from MN:

 Dear Mark,

 I’m writing today to thank you again for your continuing and far-reaching impact on my life. Your guidance has proven invaluable time and again in more ways than I ever could have imagined….

 Running a business is perhaps old hat to you, but not all of it has come naturally to me…. The principles you laid out in Ready, Fire, Aim [LINKTO BOOK] helped me get started doing things that scared me before I felt ready – which is a good thing because I started two and a half years ago and I still don’t feel ready! And thanks to your advice in Seven Years to Seven Figures, [LINK TO BOOK] I’m looking at launching a totally different product to create another source of income for myself.

Even though I’m not quite at $100 million, or really even in the ballpark yet, there is no question that I am much further along thanks to you…. And for that I will be forever grateful…. But more than anything, I just wanted to say thank you for doing more for me than you probably realized to help me follow slowly but surely in your footsteps.