This month, the Rojas Ford Fine Art Gallery in Coral Gables, FL is featuring art from our Mexican collection. The initial evening event brought in a sophisticated crowd.

I didn’t know Anthony Hopkins was a composer. I don’t know much about waltzes. I’m sure there are some that would criticize this one, but to me it’s pretty impressive. The audience seems to enjoy it. It could catch on. Imagine – this artistic effort of his could be alive in the culture 100 years from now, after his movies are forgotten.

These ladies are quite competitive foursome as they perform “Summer” by Antonio Vivaldi…


This presentation is naive in a big way. It is very true that giving makes one happier… but she never questions what giving does to the recipient. The answer is that it may make them temporarily happy – but in the long term, it makes them dependent and entitled. And that makes them LESS happy. What my family and I are doing (and what I’ve been writing about) is the real challenge of charity: How can you help people without damaging them?

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If you are a Bruce Lee fan (and who isn’t?), you’ll like this…


1967, when “Ode to Billy Joe” was at the top of the charts, I liked it but never really appreciated it.

Now I see it as a remarkable artistic accomplishment…

It’s a narrative and a very compelling one. And although the story is fundamentally sentimental, the lyrics are sophisticated and elevate it into something that is touching and bewildering and profound.

It’s interesting to think that this song was written by a young person that grew up in rural Tennessee.

Bobbie Gentry was born in Chickasaw County, Tennessee. She wrote “Ode to Billy Joe” in 1967. It was released the next year and became an international hit.

The Tallahatchie Bridge, mentioned in the song, collapsed in 1972.