Yes, You Can You Eliminate Bureaucracy in Your Business

When I was a child, I was an idealist. In my early adulthood, I became an economic ideologue – first as a Socialist and then as a free market advocate. But as I grew older and more focused on achievement, I became a pragmatist. I still am attracted to the pull of ideas, especially when articulated in the abstract. But I cannot pretend that I could have achieved anything important without compromise – putting aside cherished beliefs in favor of solving problems and getting things done.

In Ready, Fire, Aim, I talked about the primary challenge of the Stage 3 business: Growth has created too much disorder and the intelligent founder/CEO must now implement protocols and practices. But protocols and practices will turn into bureaucracy if you don’t watch out. And that’s the challenge of the Stage 4 business.

This essay does a good job of arguing that, although natural if not inevitable, you can wean your business of bureaucracy. LINK