This Is Why I Can’t Stop Teaching/Writing

I met TR maybe 10 years ago. He came to the only seminar I ever gave on entrepreneurship. It was expensive – 10 or 25 grand for three days. (Can’t remember.) It was designed for people that were already in business.

He was a practicing doctor, trying to build a series of clinics in order to promote his ideas about preventative medicine and to, well, you know, get rich.

He did.

He recently sent me an update: His clinic business was up to $40 million in revenues with 20 clinics and 450 team members operating in four states.

He said:
I just spent 4 days with AS [an internet marketing superstar]. I was with him because I wrote a new book and I’m trying to figure out how to publish and promote it, so went to see what he does. He told me that you don’t know it, but you changed his life. Made me wonder how many people would say the same thing, including me.    

That’s what keeps me going.