Today’s Word: supplicate (verb) – To supplicate (SUP-lih-kate) is to make a humble and earnest entreaty or petition. As used by Gabriele D’Annunzio in The Child of Pleasure: “Andrea might writhe and supplicate and despair as he would – in vain.”

Did You Know?: Gold is the only metal that is yellow or “golden.” Other metals may develop a yellowish color, but only after they have oxidized or reacted with certain chemicals.

Worth Quoting: “Anticipating your opponent’s moves and responding to them by moving instantly from offensive to defensive tactics and from hard to gentle moves is the sign of a master martial artist.” – M.M. Ford

What I’m Reading: The latest issue of Independent Healing

“The Truth Behind Cannabis Marketing Hype”

10 Conditions That CBD and Marijuana Can Effectively Treat…

and 5 Others They Can’t

Watch This: I’ve never done any serious reading about John D Rockefeller. I visited his home in New York a few years ago and that sparked an interest that I’ve maintained. As the professor her points out, he’s often remembered as a robber baron, but the truth is that he was as far from a robber baron as an industrialist could possibly be.

This little lecture hits the high points of his life as the person who could be said to have created America’s the middle class…